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Our Philosophy and Values

The goal of our company is to offer individualized services, with a focus on providing project-oriented solutions tailored to specific customer needs. By outsourcing project work to us, we enable small- and midsized engineering companies to offer their customers reliable solutions based on complex numerical computations in the field of Geotechnics.

Our services are concentrated in the field of numerical Geotechnics.
Because our company has a single specific focus, we can guarantee excellent quality in all our computations. We aim to produce simulations that match reality as closely as possible, and make meaningful predictions.

Our intention is to employ the most current scientific knowledge in solving practical problems.
Using the newest constitutive models for Geomaterials, we strive to replicate the interaction between soil and structures as accurately as possible, while optimizing computational and material resources and taking into account the sustainability of construction methods.

The interaction between soil and structures goes beyond the field of Geotechnics. Therefore, our company also places emphasis on forming collaborations with other engineering companies that specialize in applying numerics to various domains of Civil Engineering.

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